Para Wood / Rubberwood FAQ

Today we post our first little “Wood FAQ” on Para Wood, one of the woods that we offer and a 100% ECO wood.

At dcore you can pick between numerous hardwoods for your furniture pieces and our customers often wonder what are the differences between the woods and the features they provide:

Para Wood, also known as “rubberwood” is especially popular in Thailand, as it is the largest rubber producer worldwide which also means there is lots of Para wood around.

Para Wood has a light color, with a unique grain, the cost is low, and it has a very low shrinkage which means it is very well suited for furniture building. It can be used for indoor furniture and being widely available in Thailand the material cost is quite low. Because of its light color, Para Wood can be easily stained in many different color tones.

One of the biggest advantages though is that Para Wood is one of the best ECO woods.


Rubber trees only produce rubber for about 25-30 years before they are cut down and replaced. These cut down trees can then be reused for example for furniture production. This means that using Para wood is 100% ecological sustainable. This is a point that is very important to us and it is getting more and more important to our customers also.

In the photo here you can see a rubber tree planation on Koh Chang island.


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